The Site

MRC Zone is my second web domain. I registered the domain name for MRC Zone late in September 2006. My first web domain was MRC Studios, but I lost the right to my domain name when I switched to a new web host. So, I decided to make a fresh start and buy a new domain name!

This web domain is basically the house where all of my other websites live. It is the gateway to my mini online empire! So, if you're looking for anything MRC related, this is where you want to stop! Of course that leads us to the question of who or what MRC is....


My real name is Marianne Rose Chiaramonte and MRC simply stands for my initials. You can read each letter individually so that it spells out M-R-C or you can read MRC as a word, and pronounce it as "merc." You can say it any way you want to, I don't mind. =)

Now, who am I? Well, I am currently a college student who is majoring in animation/illustration. I was a film major, and that was fun, but I found myself wanting to go back to my artistic roots and start drawing again. Thus, I am now majoring in animation/illustration.

I have always loved drawing. I can not remember a time in which I was not drawing one thing or another. I am mainly a self trained artist, though currently I am taking classes to up my skill level, which will hopefully make me an even better artist! I have always leaned towards an animated style, that is I don't draw a lot of my stuff in a realistic style. I have been drawing in the anime style since I was 12, so it comes to me as my natural style these days.

And...well...I don't really know what else to say...Just go take a look at my other sites already! =P

I see you!